Perk up your employees!

May 3, 2019

In today’s candidate-driven market, the employee benefits your company offers are key to attracting and retaining top talent.

These benefits come in all shapes and sizes, from flexible working options and free exercise classes, to cycle-to-work schemes and staff discounts. It’s these staff perks that help to differentiate your company, and could be a deal-breaker in convincing a candidate to take a job with you rather than a competitor.

So, we were pretty shocked to learn that almost two thirds (65.6%) of employers still aren’t offering any workplace benefits to their staff. This is despite the fact that a whopping 84.9% of professionals in the UK feel that perks are important.

The study was carried out by CV-Library, which polled 1,200 UK employees. As well as uncovering that just 34.4% of professionals currently benefit from perks, it set out the top ten most desirable benefits companies can offer their teams:

  1. Flexible working – 55.8%
  2. Staff discount – 38.7%
  3. Free food – 25%
  4. Birthdays off – 22%
  5. Unlimited holiday – 18.1%
  6. Company car – 16.3%
  7. Mental health days – 14.4%
  8. Social events – 13.3%
  9. Smartphones or tablets – 13%
  10. Free exercise classes 11.8%

Lee Biggins, founder and CEO of CV-Library, said it was “alarming” how so many UK employers still aren’t offering employee perks, saying that they are “excellent tools for rewarding, motivating and encouraging staff to reach their full potential and achieve positive results.”

As well as perks, CV-Library cited one of its previous articles sharing top tips for attracting candidates. They include:

  • Offering competitive salaries, making sure you research the market value of the role you need to fill before advertising it.
  • Researching online reviews of your company. Addressing any negative comments will show your business is willing to listen and adapt.
  • Ensuring vacancies are simple to read – a snappy title is sure to engage candidates. You should always proof-read the ad, making sure all the key factors are covered.
  • Launching an employee referral program, where you incentivise current staff for securing qualified candidates for vacancies.

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