The most cost effective way of improving your workplace

The right workplace furniture solution helps unlock the potential of your people and keep your staff happy, healthy and drive productivity across the organisation. Working with some of the leading manufacturers of workplace furniture, our team create bespoke furniture solutions that are tailored to your exact requirements.

Are you sitting comfortably?

Sitting is always the means to an end. It’s what you do when you need to launch a new idea, solve a problem, or share a story. Does your chair move like you move? Does it conform to your shape? Does it enable your best posture?

Working with Herman Miller, we offer a range of high performance seating that perfectly supports the people
who sit in them, so you can focus on all the things
you do.

Innovative furniture solutions to common workplace problems

From free-standing meeting pods to collaboration benches and acoustics, our furniture specialists have the skills and expertise to craft a furniture solution that is bespoke to the needs of your business.

Our Process

Our experienced furniture specialists get to know you and your business, allowing them to provide a solution that meets the needs of the business, offering unparalleled quality and  value for money.

Our Partners

As an independent dealership we offer professional, unbiased consultancy based on our experience and understanding of the market and your requirements. Our long-established supply chain relationships mean we are able to provide clients with the best value solutions, with our installation and aftercare teams offering peace of mind working with us on your project.

Your trusted furniture partner

We are passionate about improve working lives. Our products, and our promise to stand by their quality 100 percent, are designed to improve your environment and offer you peace of mind.

Despite the evolving nature of work, our commitment to you means we work hard to provide solutions that stand up to continuous use and demonstrate superb value.

We’re so confident in the relationships that we have with our partners that we can even offer warranty periods of up to 12 years on products rated for 24/7 use.

Breakout / Touchdown Furniture

Whether you are looking to improve someone’s first impression of your business or create inspiring spaces for informal, collaborative meetings, our soft seating products are both functional and beautiful

From reception area seating to collaboration zones, our team have access to products from industry-leading manufacturers to offer solutions to exceed expectations.

Executive / Boardroom Furniture

Every office needs meeting rooms – yet their location, size and design is evolving to fit in with the modern workplace. We can tailor a solution to your space requirements, budget and style by working with our furniture partners to provide a bespoke solution for your boardroom or executive suites.

Meeting Pods / Privacy Pods

Collaboration is seen as a key goal for the modern workplace and environments have become more open plan to facilitate this. To work effectively people are looking for defined spaces to work individually with privacy or to come together as a team. Designed as freestanding units, these pods provide an excellent solution when creating privacy and collaboration spaces within open plan work environments.

Height Adjustable Desks

Research shows that moving from one posture to another is beneficial to our health—people who move more, feel better. And people who feel better, work better. Our range of fixed and height-adjustable desks allow us to offer a complete solution for a variety of tasks and environments.

Storage / Storage Wall

Optimise your utilisation of space with our range of storage solutions. From under desk storage, to lockers and storage walls, we have a variety of products to choose from that alleviate the burden of storage and keep untidy paperwork out of the way.

Looking for someone to redesign your office space?

Work with us to achieve your ambitions. Not sure what you need? Arrange a call with one of our experienced team members and learn more about how we can work together to improve working lives for you and your staff and grow your business.