Workplace Strategy & Change Management

Discover your Future Workspace. Our workplace strategy process is comprised of many activities (both analysis and engagement focussed) which come together to form a consolidated report, outlining recommendations based on the findings.

This allows you to make informed decisions and choices about your office space and the way you utilise it for maximum efficiency and minimum cost.

Our tried and tested design process uncovers the real needs of your organisation and your people, allowing our talented team to create a dynamic vision of your future workspace.

Our Process

We use a team of data gatherers and specialist software to undertake our utilisation study. The data gatherers observe not just the occupancy levels of every seat at a desk and within any support spaces, but also how individuals are communicating, the tasks they are performing and the tools / technology available to them.

This approach enables us to profile every worker and suggest the best working model for the future (agile / activity based / traditional etc).

Staff Engagement

The engagement focused activities (stakeholder visioning, focus group workshops and questionnaire) add a valuable layer of detail to this analysis and enable us to provide the business with a strategy for change, which is important to consider when deciding upon their best way forward. These activities cover cultural analysis, personality profiling and a measure of concern levels.

Analysis & Reporting

The report details all findings and highlights the various working styles suitable for your business, along with the level of change required. Space budgets and layout plans prepared by our in-house design team illustrate visually, how these findings translate into your office of the future.

Next Steps

Once the designs are signed-off, our in-house professional build team get started on site to bring your new environment to life, guided by our dedicated project management team to make sure you are always kept up to date and can rest assured that your project is being delivered on time and within budget.

Begin your workplace transformation