We spend many of our waking hours in the office. So, unsurprisingly, our workplaces have a huge impact on how we feel – on both our physical and mental wellbeing.

Many companies are taking employee-centred office design seriously these days. From building breakout spaces to buying ergonomic office furniture, businesses are committed to creating healthy, creative and productive spaces for their teams to thrive in.

But if new research is anything to go by, there’s still a way to go. The HomeLeisureDirect.com study found that almost half (49%) of office employees don’t believe management care about the working environment they provide.

As HR News reports, the games equipment provider quizzed 2,000 UK office-based employees for their opinions on the workplace.

A number of questions focused on exercise. A worrying 44% said they didn’t manage to get 30 minutes of exercise a day; of whom, 69% said this was due to ‘lack of time’. Seventy-two percent were worried about the impact of inactivity to their health.

The results found that 58% of workplaces had a breakout zone, where workers could enjoy non-work activities like table tennis and pool. Seventy percent of the employees who didn’t have a breakout zone would like one.

“[It’s] actually quite reassuring that more than half of workplaces do have some form of breakout area,” noted Andy Beresford, MD at HomeLeisureDirect.com.

Though, he noted: “Those of us who work in an office environment spend a huge chunk of our time there, so you’d like to think that management would take the time to ensure that it’s conducive to productivity and wellbeing.

“That such a high percentage don’t feel that applies to their workplace is really surprising.”

Breakout zones are becoming less of a ‘nice to have’ and more of an essential component to office design – particularly if companies want to maximise the productivity and efficiency of their people. Breakout zones might take the form of games rooms, collaborative cubicles where employees can work together, or even snug-like spaces where employees can take some much-deserved time out.

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