Each new year brings new workplace trends – practices that we try to adopt in an effort to help us work smarter, be healthier and increase productivity.

Some of the top trends for 2017 were highlighted in a recent article on the Huffington Post. Which ones do you think will catch on?

A tailored approach to wellbeing
Mindfulness was a hot topic this year with many companies providing staff with sleep rooms and meditation spaces. And it seems the trend will continue in 2017 albeit with a more tailored, personalised approach.

As Vanessa Bennett, founder and coach at Next Evolution Performance, explains, wellbeing is one aspect that can help with high performance, but it’s going to be different from person to person. “We know that mindfulness doesn’t work for everybody. Humans are built differently which is why implementing yoga classes or meditation for your whole team isn’t necessarily going to be effective,” Bennett added.

Managers need to communicate closely with their teams to identify potential stresses and show them how mindfulness can have a positive impact on not just their productivity but also their wider, everyday lives.

Smarter working

We all want our businesses to be successful but pushing employees to the extreme will have detrimental effects, both on their health and your bottom line.
As well as encouraging teams to take care of themselves, leaders should be coaching them to work smarter. One way to do this is make sure they know their own strengths and use the office space to their full advantage.

As a manager, make sure your workplace provides areas for collaboration, individual work and flexible working.

Energy management

Living in the digital era, we can now be contacted 24/7. While this can have many benefits, it can also make it hard to switch off.

Bennett believes energy management, which is about how you use your brain function to understand what your perfect attention span should be, will emerge in the workplace in 2017.

“It’s about knowing when you should be doing your heavy tasks depending on the time of day for you,” Bennett explained.

Increased work-life integration

Technology that makes us more contactable than ever before will also fuel another trend – if we allow ourselves to see it as a positive, rather than a negative.

Being contactable anytime, anywhere, means workers are no longer tied to the office or regular working hours.

According to Relocate Magazine, 8.7 million full-time workers in the UK would like flexible working. But with Bennett predicting more work-life integration, perhaps we’ll see further increases in companies providing flexibility.

If an office redesign is one of your goals for 2017, contact the team at Kerr today. We can help you create a space that motivates your employees and encourages smarter working practices.

If an office redesign is one of your goals for 2017?

We can help you create a space that motivates your employees and encourages smarter working practices, contact the team at Kerr today..