Why start-ups should care about on-site facilities

May 7, 2019

Looking for the perfect office? Whether you’re a start-up searching for your first premises, or an established business hoping to relocate, there’s a lot to think about when identifying the kind of space that’ll work best for you and your team.

For start-ups, a fitting office can set your company off in the right direction. After all, the space in which we work has a huge impact on things like productivity, creativity and morale – get it right and your business will quickly reap the benefits.

Of course, at the heart of every business is its team. The people joining your start-up will play a key part in your business’ success in its first few years and beyond. So it makes sense to find out what they believe are the most important elements of a workspace, and go from there.

The most important office features

Luckily for you, you don’t need to spend time polling your team – online office agency Free Office Finder has done the hard work for you! It recently asked office workers and businesses what they believe are the most important elements to consider when searching for a suitable office space.

As a Business Matters article reports, almost three in ten (28%) rated on-site facilities as the most important feature to consider when scouting for new offices. These facilities – including things like gyms, lockers, canteens and rest and recreation areas – are vital in helping staff to de-stress and unwind during the day.

Other facilities are linked to creating a healthy and stable workplace, including: temperature control, ventilation, spacious workstations and cleanliness.

Just under a quarter (24%) of those polled said they’d want the offices to be located near to public transport. Location is obviously a top consideration for business owners and can be key in terms of performance and profitability. A central location gives employees easy access to transport links as well as shops, cafes and restaurants. It could very well be what inspires a candidate to take a job with your company!

Other important elements cited by respondents included the overall cost (29%), natural lighting (15%) and on-site car parking (13%).

Addressing start-ups, Free Office Finder Founder Nick Riesel said: “Kick-starting your business right can take careful planning and consideration. Finding the right office in the right location plays an essential part in your business’s growth and success.”

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