Whether you can name all of the Seven Kingdoms or have no idea what Westeros is, there’s no denying that Game of Thrones is the biggest TV show around.

Usually around this time of year we’d be preparing ourselves for the start of the latest season. However, with the penultimate season pushed back until July, we’ve been keen to fill the Game of Thrones-shaped hole in our lives.

So, we got thinking about the show and what lessons it could teach us about the office. (And we promise to do our best not to give away any big spoilers!)

Lesson 1: Multiple people fighting for one chair isn’t a good thing

Hot-desking has been an increasingly common trend in offices over the last few years, but is it actually causing more problems in the office?

Without having a designated workspace, employees can end up battling to find a chair or come into work one day to find that their preferred space has been taken by someone else.

And, as we’ve seen from the constant battle for the Iron Throne, having people fighting over one chair can in no way lead to good things.

What’s more, unlike the characters in Game of Thrones, it seems employees in the UK aren’t actually that fond of fighting for a place to sit.

A recent survey by Reboot Online Marketing, questioning those who are currently or have previously worked under a hot-desking model, found that 81% would prefer to have their own work station or dedicated desk instead of hot-desking.Lesson 2: One chair does not fit all

Everyone may be fighting for control of the iron chair in the series but in the case of the everyday workplace, one throne does not fit all.

Not only is sitting down for long periods of time bad for our health, but staying in the incorrect position can increase our risk of injury. However, an ergonomic chair will enable every individual member of staff to customise their chair to their exact needs.

While the characters in Game of Thrones may believe the Iron Throne will give them the power of the Lord of the Seven Kingdoms, we can’t help thinking that it can’t be good for their bodies… unless the Iron Throne has some ergonomic features… which we doubt it does.

Lesson 3: Office politics are best avoided

Little Finger and Lord Varys may have got office politics down to a tee but we believe these are examples of how not to be at work.

It’s more important to ensure the workspace is a place that encourages happiness and wellbeing among workers and, although office politics could help you personally in the short term, the use of such strategies can create an unhappy atmosphere over time – and, just like Little Finger and Lord Varys, it probably won’t gain you many friends in the long run.

Had enough of hot-desking in your office? The experts at Kog can help you design a workplace Khaleesi would be proud of. Why not talk to the team today?