What does the perfect office look like?

Jun 24, 2019

Open plan, heaps of natural light, comfy chairs, fixed desks, a cafe and free snacks. If you haven’t guessed already, we’re describing the perfect office.

Well, this is the perfect office according to 1,000 employees and 500 business owners quizzed by MoneySuperMarket. The price comparison website sought to discover what the ideal office looks like based on nine factors: openness, style, wellbeing features, physical features, luxury features, location, workspace atmosphere, desk and working hours.

The results, shared by The London Economic, promisingly revealed that in most cases, employers and staff are reading from the same page. In general, both expressed the desire for fixed desks, cited as a preference for 74% of business owners and 75% of employees.

Not surprisingly, everyone was in favour of a flexible working approach. Six in ten (59%) of employees and 52% of companies preferred flexible working to the typical nine-to-five day. Despite this, less than half (47%) of employees are offered flexible hours.

Over a third (36%) of business owners told MoneySuperMarket they preferred an open plan office that has private spaces for managers, while a similar percentage (35%) of employees would like to work in a standard open plan space. More than six in ten (63%) would like parking and 57% stated a preference for their office to be nearer to home.

The study revealed that coffee machines are a staple feature of the modern workplace. Two thirds (66%) of employers and 52% of employees cite it as a top perk.

Opinions differed by industry. For instance, 23% of business and HR companies want a bright coloured, light and airy office with lots of windows, while 47% of media and marketing firms want their offices to be contemporary, metallic and high-tech.

Just over four in ten (41%) media and marketing owners rate free breakfast as an importance office feature, while business and HR leaders want an office canteen or cafe. Creative employers are most likely to want their office to have showers, with 32% saying so.

Media and marketing employees were discovered to be the most focused on the environment, with 62% demanding recycling facilities. This dropped to 38% among owners of creative companies. Media and marketing leaders rate video games over meals, while creative staff want video games, games tables and sleeping pods.

Commenting on the results, Rose Howarth, head of business insurance at MoneySuperMarket said: “Small changes around the office can make a huge difference to mood and productivity not only for employees, but also for the business owner.”

She continued: “Many of the options both sides selected in the survey were a question of picking the right location and creating the right environment, rather than buying new assets for the company.”

Time to revamp your workspace?

In our humble opinion, there is no single perfect office. That’s because every company is unique, and so, what works for one business might not work for the next.

Office trends come and go. What’s important is that your office best reflects your business’ values and your employees’ needs. We think the best way to design a space suited to your team is to ask them personally what features they prioritise – and then make sure they’re incorporated within your workspace.

We’re experts in this field, so why not get in touch to find out how we can help?

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