We all have that quirky thing we hate — people eating while walking, the noise of teeth scraping on a fork — but there are some annoyances that get everyone’s blood boiling, especially in the office.

But what causes employees to see red? A study by Londonoffices.com, discussed by Business Matters, revealed the top grievances in our place of work…

Talking too loudly

One of the biggest annoyances is people without volume control. Whether colleagues are having a catch-up or someone is shouting down the phone, loud chatter is a major cause of distraction for employees trying to focus on their work.

Mobile phone notifications going off

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter notifications, personal email, texts, WhatsApp messages, maybe even a personal phone call… there is always someone in the office who forgets to switch their phone to silent and will happily fill the office with the pings and pongs of their incoming messages all day long.

Crashing computers

The majority of us rely on technology to do our work, but, as efficient as it may be, tech can be temperamental. There’s not much that is more infuriating than your computer crashing before you’ve had a chance to save your work.

The office lunch thief

You wouldn’t steal someone else’s lunch in a restaurant (would you?!), so why people do it in an office is beyond us. Unfortunately, many of us have experienced the heartbreak of starting our lunch hour only to find our sandwiches have been swiped!

The battle of the air-con

The office temperature war can feel like something out of Goldilocks and the Three Bears: for some it’s too hot, for others it’s too cold, and some find it just right. Having fellow workers tamper with the thermostat, having faulty air-con or heating, or not even having any air-con at all can get some team members, quite literally, hot under the collar!

How to solve them

While some of these annoyances will require input from HR, possibly with the introduction of some new office policies, others can be solved by tweaking your office design.

If the office acoustics are causing nuisance for your staff, for example, you may need to redesign your space to incorporate quiet or communal areas. As we’ve discussed before, office acoustics can be reduced with the help of carpets, acoustic panels and acoustic screens.

Ensuring there are different zones within the office can also help with the temperature war, as it allows staff to find a place to work that suits them best.

The experts at Kerr can help bring peace to your office with clever workplace design. Give us a call today!