Employers realise that they need to provide work perks to retain and recruit top talent. But employment benefits can be more than a powerful recruitment tool, they also show staff that you value their health and wellbeing.


But what are the top perks office workers seek? According to new research from Ambius, flexible working options are valued more than any other benefit.


Just because they want flexibility in when and where they work, staff still expect good office design. As Building Design + Construction discusses, office environment is considered to be an important factor of overall job satisfaction, with 90% of employees revealing that the design and layout of their office contributes to their happiness at work.


And the working environment can play a key role when it comes to accepting a job offer. Half of those surveyed said they wouldn’t accept a job offer without looking at the workspace. But not everyone felt as strongly about the office space. Men seem to be more interested, with 40% declining a job offer due to an unattractive or unappealing office, compared to 34% of women.


Men were also more likely to place importance on an office having a play area, providing perks such as table tennis or table football, with 9% valuing this, compared to 4% of women.


Different industries also had different desires. Those working in accounting, banking and finance are twice as likely (22%) to want bright colours in their office compared with those working in healthcare (10%) and in public services and administration (9%). Meanwhile, energy and utility workers value hot drinks and complimentary beverages more than any other benefit, including holiday and health care.


Employers should also do more to encourage staff to take regular breaks outside. Official UN guidelines state that prisoners should have at least one hour of daily outdoor exposure. However, Ambius’ research revealed that office workers spend just 47 minutes outside during a typical working day.


Excluding time spent commuting, just over a quarter (26%) of workers spend over an hour outside each day, while more than a third (35%) spend no more than 15 minutes outside.


Despite the lack of outdoor exposure, just 18% of office workers feel outdoor areas have a significant impact on their job satisfaction. However, nearly two thirds (64%) say natural lighting is an important office feature.


The working environment is playing an increasingly important role in staff satisfaction. If you’d like to discover ways to improve the design of your office, get in touch with the experts at Kerr.