It certainly feels like spring is in the air, what with the lighter evenings and warmer-than-average temperatures. But Mother Nature could very well be having us on – let’s not forget most of the UK was buried in snow March last year.

Either way, we’re sure you’re just as keen as us for winter to end and spring to arrive. It’s one of our favourite seasons, mainly because everything springs (no pun intended) to life, especially outdoors – flowers bloom, trees blossom, birds chirp, etc.

If you’re just as impatient as us waiting for spring, here’s an idea: why not bring the outdoors in? Placing plants around your office can make it a more inviting and creative space. But more importantly, plants can have a huge impact on your team’s wellbeing.

This is according to a new study by Wageningen Environmental Research, shared by DutchNews. It found that an office filled with plants could cut worker sick days by a fifth.

The academics paired up with plant pros Fytagoras for the nine-month study, which involved three businesses and 75 employees.

In each company, employees were split into two different rooms – one filled with plants worth thousands of pounds, and one completely bare. The satisfaction levels of each worker were assessed every three months.

While stress levels remained the same for employees in both spaces – which is surprising given some studies link plants with lowered stress – those working in ‘green rooms’ took 20% fewer sick days on average.

“It’s known that light makes employees function better, and pants have been shown to have a positive effect in the lab,” senior researcher Sjerp de Vries told Dutch News. “We wanted to see if that effect extended to the workplace.”

The plants in the green rooms were found to have a scientifically measurable effect on air moisture levels – they were 5% higher on average and 17% higher during the winter.

Employees were more likely to feel comfortable with the temperature in green rooms. Also, over a quarter (26%) who worked surrounded by plants said they find the space more attractive.

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