Employee needs are constantly evolving – at a quicker pace than ever before. So, whereas once, revamping the office every ten years or so was enough to keep the team inspired and engaged, these days that simply won’t do.

This was the compelling argument put forward in a Business Matters article I stumbled upon the other day. Five has been hailed the magic number when it comes to switching up your office space – for these reasons:

Adapting to how people want to work

Flexible workplaces and adaptable workspaces are the latest office-themed buzz phrases and are topics likely to dominate discussions around workplaces of the future over the next 12 months.

Flexible working is more than letting employees have a day at home each week. It’s how they work in the office, too – creating a space that nurtures flexible working leads to a more responsive, engaged and creative team. In an Instant Group and HLW survey, 71% of respondents agreed flexible workplaces positively impacted their work.

Sofas, standing desks and dedicated breakout spaces will empower employees to switch-up their environment to suit how they’re feeling at that particular time. And while open-plan spaces foster collaboration, make sure there are dedicated spaces where employees can work privately and get some headspace to focus on their work.

Increase performance

 It’s no surprise our environment affects how we feel; the great thing is, more employers are taking note. Small changes can have a huge impact on staff performance – check out these surprising stats:

  • Employees in well-ventilated offices can show a 101% boost in cognitive performance compared to those in offices with poor ventilation.
  • Poor office acoustics resulting in distracting noise leads to a 66% reduction in staff performance.
  • Workers sat at desks near to windows got an extra 46 minutes of sleep each night on average.

The proof is in the pudding: investing in a refurb to meet these requirements will lead to tangible returns in terms of staff performance.

Improve staff morale

It might be a surprise to learn, but the office environment holds more sway in inspiring staff to stay put than their salaries. A Fidelity study showed that millennials in particularly were willing to sacrifice as much as £6,000 in order to be happier at work.

Moreover, TRCA research revealed that a fresh work environment could result in a whopping 170% boost in employee satisfaction. Now there’s a stat you can’t ignore.

The reasons don’t stop there. Switching up your office environment will send a positive message to clients that you’re a developing, agile business. It also allows you to have greater control of your environment; changing the space will inspire fresh ideas and could help to change your team’s mindset.

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