Thankfully, as ideas around the working environment and company culture have evolved, the office is no longer the drab and dreary space it used to be.

As well as helping staff to work efficiently, the office needs to inspire visitors and reflect the company’s culture.

Right about now, you’re probably looking around your workspace and asking yourself – is this the right office for us? Do we need to relocate? Or will a redesign or refurbishment be enough?

There are many pros and cons to relocating or refurbishing your current office, and these can often leave companies confused as to what the best option would be.

These ideas are widely acknowledged as common things you should consider when thinking about redesigning or relocating your office:

Smart space

One of the main reasons why businesses consider relocating is the need for more space, but you don’t necessarily need to move buildings to get some extra footage. Intelligent space planning and design can quickly transform an unused space into a fully utilized work area.

Recruit and retention

One of the benefits of moving to a new office is that it can help attract new recruits but what about your current workforce? Think about the impact relocation would have on your current employees, taking into consideration factors such as whether they will find it easy to travel to the new location – are there good transport links and is there access to amenities?

Company culture

Understanding your business culture not only helps your company as a whole, it can also help you decide whether a refurbishment is enough or whether your objectives will be better supported by a new location.

Brand image

For some companies, their office building is intrinsically linked to their company brand. If there is a strong association between your company and your office building, a move could be detrimental to your image.

Consider your costs

It’s important to consider the costs of both relocation and redesign. Remember that relocating can carry with it many hidden costs – stamp duty, rent reviews, surveys – but these may be equal to the amount of refurbishment you need on balance.

As a recent Eon survey pointed out, many small business owners delay relocating because of costs, time and productivity worries, with 31% of those questioned citing it as one of the most stressful tasks behind hiring new staff. But it doesn’t have to be this way…

With the right preparation – and the right team to help you – you can make your refit or relocation hassle-free and start reaping the benefits immediately.

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