Our Brands

We supply leading brands of office furniture. Here is a selection of manufacturers we are proud to work with…

Using desking systems, offers programmes and components which are highly flexible.

Tailored to meet the demands of a modern ever changing working environment. Allowing you to make the most of your floorplan and available space

The style and design of a facility creates a huge difference in its ‘feel’.

Meeting rooms with glass partitions, lots of natural light and minimalist seating gives a more relaxed atmosphere allowing creativity and a more informal approach. Big leather board chairs with solid wood tables would lead to an environment for weightier decision making.

Whether it’s a twenty-six seater Boardroom table, multifunctional meeting suites or fully integrated multimedia we will tailor the designs to fit your individual needs and requirements

Multi-functioning storage products ensure the maximum use of all shelving and compartments.

Often overlooked or an afterthought, intelligent use of storage systems can dramatically improve productivity and workflow in your office.

The differing heights of units provide an opportunity for landscaping in an open plan office, whilst also being effective storage solutions that are aesthetically pleasing to have around the office.

In modern times chairs are designed to not only look beautiful, but to represent state of the art ergonomics, functionality and choice.

We can provide you with various chairs and styles to fully test and trial, finding out which ones work best for you.

One of our experienced designers and specifiers will help guide you through the selection process and can visit you and your team to give demonstrations on our products and their functions with no obligation.

Diverse ranges of design inspired soft seating provide an intelligent planning solution for all environments, incorporating sofas, arm chairs and modular benching suited to break out, corporate and hospitality settings.

High back work pods offer comfort and privacy which combine perfectly with low back seating, benches and tables.

Curved modules and booths create privacy in large landscape configurations ideal for meeting and public spaces.

Segmented furniture fits together with inner and outer corner sections to provide a multitude of configurations with the possibility of matching upholstered tables or in a wide range of wooden finishes.

A perfect place for creating a mix of seating styles, tables and benches providing an extra touch of design.
Elegant and versatile chairs and bar stools provide multi-height options for use in a variety of settings and ways.

From primary through to higher educational environments, modern teaching places heavy demands on furniture and fittings.
Our flexibility in choice of suppliers allows us to offer you the best range of products, using our buying power to supply top quality and durable products at economical prices.

To give your work environment that extra touch of flare we design and create high quality products which would be specific to your branding and company.
From reception counters and lighting features to digital wall paper graphics and work-stations- we have a bespoke solution for every need.

Available in a variety of playful and sculptural forms with different applications.
These products can be used to divide space or be mounted on existing walls, help define and enhance various settings whilst enabling people to carry out their activities to their full potential.

Training tables are designed to meet a multitude of conference and meeting requirements.
They can be quickly assembled, rearranged, stacked and stored – saving time and space.
They can be used for traditional classroom settings and for more informal situations, sharing the ability to support the learning of an individual as well as the organisation.

Innovative ergonomic accessories complete the essential workstation.
Ergonomics is a crucial element of modern design, improving health and comfort at work.
Sit/stand solutions, monitor arms and task lighting – inspire movement and support the user in their every posture.

Looking for someone to redesign your office space?

Work with us to achieve your ambitions. Not sure what you need? Arrange a call with one of our experienced team members and learn more about how we can work together to improve working lives for you and your staff and grow your business.