Case Study

Vectura | London

Vectura approached us to support them in finding, designing and building their new London headquarters.

Working closely with the facilities teams, procurement managers, occupational health advisors and Vectura’s executive team, we looked at how their new London HQ would fit with their global property strategy and support the pharmaceutical company’s growth ambitions.

Once we had helped to identify the most suitable location, our designers, in partnership with a design agency appointed to conduct a workplace experience study, got to work establishing the key requirements for their new UK flagship workplace. At every stage, we engaged with their workforce to ensure our proposed scheme supported day-to-day business operations and provided staff with a workplace that they loved to work in.

For Vectura, it was important that in designing their new HQ, we established a design language and furniture specification that could be rolled out across the global business, offering consistency, comfort, functionality and flexibility.

Looking to adopt a more agile method of working, Vectura’s new London HQ was designed with activity-based working in mind, offering areas for collaboration, innovation, a variety of meeting environments, all supported by the latest AV technology to keep staff connected to other sites in the UK and overseas in mainland Europe. Bespoke tea points and breakout spaces were designed to feel distinctively different to the work or ‘focus’ areas to encourage staff to take a break and relax in spaces purpose-built for comfort and socialising.

Set in the very heart of London, in a stunning building dating back to the Victorian era, the design sought to bring together the traditional fabric of this heritage building with modern, industrial accents that were a physical representation of Vectura’s work at the forefront of medical technology. Exposed brickwork and exquisite engineered wood flooring met steel ceiling features and sleek furniture designs in a coming-together of old and new that connected users of the space to the history of the building and Vectura’s pioneering pharmaceutical innovation.