Case Study



IT giant Bechtle approached us to help design and fit-out their new office in Manchester.

From the start of the project the synergy between our respective businesses was obvious. Passionate about unlocking the potential of the modern workplace, we quickly got to work discussing the requirements of their space and Bechtle’s ambitious growth strategy which the new office would support.

Northern Soul

Very early in the design process it became apparent that the North, and Manchester in particular, had a personality and a design language of its very own. We set out to design a workspace that was not only in keeping with the global brand’s corporate guidelines, but injected a characteristic industrial feel that aligned with Manchester’s heritage and sense of unity and togetherness.

Raw steel, brickwork and Manchester’s captivating skyline were all incorporated in the design of Bechtle’s Manchester office. Recognising the symbolism of the Manchester Bee, our design team were able to incorporate this iconic imagery into the design of the office itself as a symbol of their commitment to supporting the businesses and people of Manchester.

Bechtle’s growth strategy meant that we had to look in to the future and anticipate the needs of the fast growing IT business to ensure their workspace was fit for purpose for many years to come.

“We’ve created a workspace that will nurture an open and friendly atmosphere… With space for up to 36, Bechtle aims to expand to fill the office within three years” said James Napp, managing director of Bechtle UK