Unless you’ve been living under a rock or have been lucky enough to have escaped to warmer climates, you’ll be all too aware that the UK is in the grips of a polar vortex. The country has gone from seeing the first daffodils breaking through to being covered in a blanket of snow.

Whether you’re in a part of the country that is yet to see the full force of the storm or are embracing your snowy commute like you’re a member of the Night’s Watch, there are numerous ways you can make your office more habitable during the Beast from the East…

Stock up on snacks

If there was ever a time to not feel guilty for stocking up on snacks, it’s during the midst of a polar vortex. Whether it’s in your bag, your car, in your pedestal drawer, hoard those treats… or share them with your colleagues. When the snow is lashing against your office window, nothing will boost morale like some doughnuts, some cookies, or a big bag of crisps.

Bring in supplies from home

While your boss may insist that the heating has been cranked up, you’re still sat shivering at your desk. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Raid your cupboards at home and see what supplies you can bring in to the office to warm you up. Whether it’s hand warmers, a hot water bottle, or a spare duvet, bring it in! Sure, you might get a few odd looks sat huddled in your duvet on the train, but you can bet everyone will be jealous they hadn’t thought of it themselves.

Wear a lot of layers

If your office has a strict no-duvet policy, then heed the advice of your mother, and layer up. Style can take a break while this wintry weather grips the country. The more layers, the better!

Bubble wrap windows and doors

Bear with us on this one. As aesthetically pleasing as your old office building may be, the lack of double glazing is certainly not doing you any favours during the freezing weather. To help get rid of those pesky draughts, The Sun recommends using bubble wrap as an insulator around doors, windows, keyholes and letterboxes to stop heat escaping or cold winds from making their way in. Just try to avoid popping it all before you put it in place…

Stay at home

Of course, the best way to prepare for this storm is to just stay at home — particularly if you’re in one of the worst hit areas. Whether you’re working from home or have been given a snow day, wrap up, make a pot of tea, and take care!

The best way to prepare your office for the varying British weather is through clever workspace design. Get in contact with the experts at Kerr to discuss your office upgrades.