How are your energy saving habits at home? We’ve taken a quick poll of the Kerr team, and it’s fair to say most of us are bordering on pedantic when it comes to cutting back on energy usage (to the extreme of setting timers on showers!).

Anyway, there’s nothing bad about being pedantic about energy saving. Less energy used means lower energy bills, plus it’s better for our environment. We call that a win-win.

But do your squeaky-clean energy saving habits translate to the office?

A new E.ON study of 500 UK office workers, reported on by Energy Live News, found that nearly 60% are unaware of energy-saving practices in their company.

Ninety-two percent of energy managers thought staff would be able to identify them as the key decision-maker for energy and sustainability practices – but more than half of employees admitted to having no clue who they were.

Slightly worryingly, just 4% of those polled believe that energy management was important to keep the company running efficiently. This compares to 37% who believed that IT was a more important area of focus.

Half of all workers admitted to not turning off their computers and monitors at the end of the day, though they’re almost twice as likely to make sure devices and appliances are completely shut down at home.

When it comes to heating, over twice as many workers are likely to turn down the thermostat by 1°C in their home (34%) as in the office (15%).

Director of business customer solutions at E.ON, Phil Gilbert, said energy managers are some of the most important people in ensuring the company runs smoothly, comfortably and energy-efficiently. But, as the survey indicates, their efforts “often go unnoticed or unrecognised.”

He continued that there’s clearly the need to persuade colleagues that the changes they make to their office energy habits could have a collective and significant effect.

“[What’s] good for the company in terms of greater efficiency and lower overheads translates into a benefit for all in terms of job security and prospects.” While your team have a part to play in limiting energy usage in the workplace, the build and design of the space play an important role, too. Why not speak to the experts at Kerr about how we can help you to create a more energy-efficient workplace?