Every business is trying to harness productivity in the workplace. Even without a heatwave and England doing so well in the World Cup, the summer always sees a dip in productivity.


From flexible working to collaborative spaces, companies are actively pursuing measures to help boost office productivity. Some turn to unique solutions, like Aldi and Lidl which announced that they would close their stores early on Sunday had England made it to the World Cup Final.


Of course, this wouldn’t have been applicable for every business. Nor is it a long-term policy. Office design continues to be a leading tool on the productivity front and one of the newest trends is the creation of an office wall mural.


As HR News explains, murals are traditionally a piece of artwork that is painted directly onto the wall or ceiling. They are thought to date back at least 40,000 years, being found in ancient caves. The most famous example, however, is the Sistine chapel.


Needless to say, office murals have taken a more modern approach, as there are probably few companies whose cultures would be reflected with High Renaissance artwork.


But why exactly are companies going down this design route? Businesses are starting to come round to the idea that, in order to foster productivity and workplace satisfaction, the working environment itself needs to be a source of inspiration and motivation.


Before you take a paintbrush to the wall, HR News recommends considering the following:


Location, location, location


Like so much in life, location is key. Not only do you need to make sure that the wall is big enough for the design, but it also needs to be in a position where it can be seen by everyone. You don’t want staff seated too near to the mural as they won’t be able to take it in – you’ll know this if you’ve ever sat in the front row at the cinema.


Who are you?


You need to make sure that the mural not only reflects your company culture, but that it is also in line with your brand image. If you’re a traditional accounting firm, chances are a graffiti-style mural won’t work in your office.


What’s the point?


Maybe you’re interested in getting a mural because you’re bored of your bland office, or maybe you want to use it as a tool to inspire your staff. Whatever the reason, keep the audience and purpose in mind with the design so you don’t miss the mark.


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