No one can know for sure what the office of the future will look like, however, there’s a pretty good chance that artificial intelligence (AI) will feature in some way. But how prepared are businesses for the emergence of such technology?

The media has focused a lot on how AI could lead to job losses but, as Adobe’s Future of Work research reveals, office workers in the UK are open to the tech.

In fact, workers view AI as a way to assist them around the office, with more than two thirds (68%) saying they don’t feel threatened by advancing technologies, as they believe their role requires human abilities that technology just can’t replace.

When asked what tasks they would want AI assistance for, nearly half (46%) would want to it remind them of projects and appointments. Meanwhile, more than a third (36%) would want AI to help with research on a work topic and 30% want the tech to search electronic documents for relevant information.

While workers see the benefits of AI in assisting them with day-to-day admin-style jobs, they’re not so keen on using the tech for more strategic tasks.

Of the 2,000 UK professionals questioned, just 16% said they would be willing to use AI for creative suggestions or ideas for writing content, and the same number (16%) would want AI to feedback on the tone or style of emails or longer documents.

What’s more, only one in 10 (10%) would welcome AI suggestions on how to grow their network of colleagues.

But perhaps we shouldn’t be that surprised that workers would be so open to AI, seeing how well technology has been embraced in the office already.

The majority of workers already view technology positively, with 86% saying it has improved their working day, helps increase their productivity (85%), and allows them to connect with their co-workers (78%).

And, of course, all this enhanced productivity and paperless way of working is guaranteed to have a positive impact on the company’s bottom line.

However, the research highlighted the need to provide staff with the necessary training so everyone can benefit from the tech, as only 19% of respondents said they feel ‘very equipped’ to deal with advanced technology.

Speaking to HR Magazine, Adobe’s head of emerging business EMEA, Mark Greenaway, commented: “Our Future of Work research clearly highlights that UK office workers are open to embracing advanced technology like AI, but don’t feel equipped to do so in some cases.

As technology advances into the office environment and starts to support with basic admin tasks, workers might feel that technology is encroaching on their role. As a result businesses – and particularly HR professionals – need to support staff with this transition.”

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