Are you working in an office with a David Brent-like character?

You know the type… They love to walk up to your desk and express their desire to ‘touch base’ with you to ‘drill down’ on that last project, insisting that you need to ‘think outside the box’ with the next one.

The majority of us can’t stand the use of buzzwords like this.


A recent survey by Glassdoor has revealed the office jargon British workers hate the most…

  1. Touch base (24%) Translation: To meet or talk about a specific issue
  2. Blue sky thinking (21%) Translation: Creative thinking not grounded in reality
  3. We’re on a journey (13%) Translation: Highlighting that a company, team, or project is not yet completed
  4. Game changer (13%) Translation: A product, idea or process that represents a significant shift in thinking or in the way of doing things
  5. No-brainer (13%) Translation: Claiming something that is immediately obvious or irrefutably a good idea
  6. Thought shower (11%) Translation: A meeting to freely discuss ideas, often without considering practical limitations
  7. Run it up the flagpole (11%) Translation: To put forward an idea to see what kind of reaction it gets
  8. If you don’t like it, get off the bus (10%) Translation: Suggesting someone should just leave the company if they’re not happy with the plan
  9. Mission statement (10%) Translation: A formal summary of company’s values and motivations
  10. Pick it up and run with it (10%) Translation: Continuing a project or an activity that was started by someone else, often when they could not finish it or make it work
  11. Punch a puppy (9%) Translation: To do something horrible for the company’s greater good
  12. Let’s get our ducks in a row (9%) Translation: To get all teams, departments or priorities in preparation for an event


‘Stakeholder’, ‘paradigm shift’, ‘bandwidth’, and ‘roadmap’ were also picked by 5% or less of the respondents.

If your office sounds like it’s playing a jargon jukebox everyday, you might want to consider unplugging it for good.

Not only do these buzzwords clearly annoy staff, they also say a lot more about your company culture than you might realise.

Company culture is much more than just posting a ‘mission statement’ on your website; it’s more about the organization’s beliefs and behaviours. You could say it’s a company’s personality.

So what does your company culture say about you? And does your current office space reflect that?

If it doesn’t you should give us a call today?