No, your eyes do not deceive you. That is indeed blue sky and sunshine you can see pouring in through your office window. Who knows how long it will last but one thing’s for sure, we’re all going to want to make the most of the sun!

While the warmer weather can certainly create a buzz in the office — and we’re not just talking wasps that wander in through the open windows — it can also create some issues. Productivity can often nosedive on sunny days, especially when it feels like the first sun we’ve seen for decades!

Attention can quickly turn to holidays and after-work drinks at the pub, while the sudden increase in warmth can cause lethargy to kick in. So, how do you keep your office happy and energised now the weather is finally starting to turn? The Derby Telegraph has a few ideas…

Listen to complaints

Ah, the office thermostat: the battleground for offices across the country. You’re never going to find a temperature that suits everyone — some people will always be too hot or too cold — but that doesn’t mean you should ignore grumbles. There are simple but effective steps you can take for anyone struggling with the temperature.

If, for example, a member of staff is still sat at their desk in a hat, gloves and scarf in the middle of July, offer them the chance to move away from the air conditioning unit. For those who are still too hot, provide portable desk fans!


Relax the dress code

Your office dress code, no doubt, reflects your company culture. While some industries are fond of a more relaxed dress code, business dress can be a popular option for many. However, we all know how uncomfortable suits and formal wear can be in the summer months.

Help staff to feel more comfortable by introducing a summer dress code or simply let staff know that you will be relaxing the dress code on warmer days. Although you might want to outline what you count as relaxed.


Acknowledge the heat

There’s a reason why we all slightly lose our minds at the sight of the sun, and that’s because it’s such a rarity! You might be the summer equivalent of Scrooge, but you can’t ignore the weather when rays are streaming in through your window.

It’s understandable that staff will be eager to make the most of the sunshine, especially after such a bleak winter, so pick up their spirits and reduce absenteeism by embracing the warm weather. Provide staff with ice lollies, arrange after-work drinks, offer early finishes on a Friday, head to a local park at lunch, or hold an office BBQ. Help your staff to enjoy the sun while it still lasts.


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