Having high levels of productivity within your company not only helps your bottom line, it also boosts employee engagement. But does your office help foster productivity?

The What Workers Want survey from Savills and the British Council for Offices found that over a quarter of employees feel the current design of their office is making them less productive.
What’s more, if they could attain their ideal office environment, more than half (53%) believe their productivity would increase.

How can you use your office space to increase productivity?

The physical environment around you can either distract you, or help you focus. Here are a few adjustments Life Hack suggests making to your office to turn it into a hub of productivity:

Let there be light

Lighting is one of the most overlooked areas of office design, despite it having such a big impact on concentration levels.
As well as affecting focus, bad lighting can also impact employee health and wellbeing by causing fatigue, eyestrain, headaches and dampening moods.
Brighten the office by utilising windows and doors to let in natural light and consider using natural light bulbs.

Are you sitting comfortably?

As more and more of us are spending the majority of our day sat at our desks, having the correct desk has never been so important.
To increase productivity and reduce injury, ensure your desks mean the top of the monitor is at eye level and that employees rest their feet on the floor or on a foot rest.

Take a break

It might seem counter-intuitive, but taking a break can help employees to focus. By providing different work spaces, work out pods or a café area, you can help your employees to get away from the desk and refocus.
Chatting with colleagues could also be a source of inspiration.

Can you hear yourself think?

While it’s nice working in an office that has atmosphere, noisy offices can be a big cause of distraction. For this reason, acoustics should be considered when designing your office.
The office should be a place that inspires and helps employees focus, not a space that hampers them from working.

The office should be a place that inspires and helps employees focus, not a space that hampers them from working.

If you feel your office design is having a negative impact on productivity levels within your business, why not speak to the experts at Kerr today?