It’s easy to design your office around the needs of your current employees but it’s also important to think about it from the perspective of a potential recruit, as a new survey has shown.

While you might think that recruits are too focused on their interview to worry about the design of their potential new working environment, a survey carried out by has highlighted how important office design actually is.
The overwhelming majority (81%) of jobseekers said they would reject a job offer if they didn’t like the workplace.

So, what do jobseekers want from their new office?

Just over two fifths (41%) cited a fun and modern design as the most important element of their work environment, while nearly a third (32%) said they would be swayed over by an employer if there was natural light and colour in the office.

What’s more, almost a fifth (17%) said they wanted their office to provide motivating and inspiring break-out areas, and one in 10 said free coffee and snacks would woo them, too.

But that’s not all. Research conducted earlier this year by British Land also revealed how office design can have an impact on recruits. A staggering 84% of those questioned said that the workplace would influence their decision when weighing up similar job offers.

The location and features of an office had caused nearly two fifths (39%) to move jobs, with this factor being particularly prominent for Millennials with over half (53%) saying they had moved jobs because of this reason.
Discussing the importance of office design in attracting recruits, CEO of, Chris Meredith, commented: “If employers do not invest in creating quality work environments, it can make attracting talent difficult. The old cliché of first impressions counting at job interviews actually works both ways.”

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