With more people working from home and technology connecting people from all over the globe, the workplace is beginning to transform.

One major knock-on effect of the changing face of the workplace is that there are fewer people working from the office every day, meaning meetings are shrinking in size.

So, what does this mean for the traditional office boardroom? And is there still a place for it in today’s modern office?

According to Teem’s Workplace Productivity Analytics Index, just 6% of meetings have 10 or more attendees, with 76% of meetings including one to three participants.

It is also now widely agreed that large meetings can drain productivity – the opposite of what most meetings are intended for.

And, as we’ve discussed previously, office workers don’t hold meetings in the highest regard. An infographic by Atlassian suggests that 45% of workers feel overwhelmed by the number of meetings they attend while nearly half (47%) complained meetings were the top time-waster at the office.

Commenting on the findings of the Index, Workplace Insight claims this marks the death of the boardroom.

Instead of investing in large conference rooms, Workplace Insight suggests companies opt for collaborative spaces to make meetings more productive and cater to the way people now like to work.

By providing collaborative spaces instead of just one, large meeting room, you can ensure staff aren’t waiting around for the boardroom – or your main meeting room – to become available.

Unsurprisingly, delays lead to frustration which can impact decision making and, ultimately, affect productivity and results.
But don’t sound the death knell for the boadroom just yet.

Meetings with non-employee participants or outside stakeholders would be better suited to a room separated from the rest of the office.

Having a meeting with a visitor in a collaborative space might help give your company a fun and inclusive atmosphere but that might not be appropriate for the topic being discussed.

If your office size allows for it, reduce the size of your boardroom to hold smaller meetings with visitors and introduce collaborative spaces for teams to meet away from their desks and out of the daunting, traditional meeting room.

If you’d like to transform your boardroom into a meeting space suitable for today’s working environment, speak to the experts at Kerr today…