It’s probably fair to say that Google has now become as famous for its wacky offices as it has for being the world’s most popular search engine.

News of the slides at Google’s Silicon Valley HQ spread like wildfire. It quickly became seen as being a fun company to work for, and businesses across the world began to realise the power office design has when it comes to recruitment and reputation.

But does the tech giant still reign supreme as an inspiration for office design?

Google recently unveiled plans for its £1bn UK super headquarters. As you can expect, it will house some seriously kooky features.

The ‘groundscraper’ – so called because the building will reportedly be as long as the Shard is tall – will boast a half Olympic-sized swimming pool, a wellness and fitness centre and a large indoor sports hall for lunchtime football games and basketball matches.

There will also be a 300-metre landscaped roof terrace that will feature fields, gardens and meadows – and a running track to boot. A rooftop cafe will also be included, providing Googlers with free food and drink, with the aim of enabling them to escape from work and relax during break times.

Inside, the open-plan office will include ‘pause areas’ that will be surrounded by plants, trees, and living walls of greenery, while sleeping pods will provide staff with the chance to sneak off for a not-so-secretive nap!

While we recognise that sleeping pods may not work for every office, more and more companies are recognising the pros and cons of designing workplaces with employee wellness and biophilic design in mind.

With research showing that employees spend around 80,000 hours seated in their lifetime, providing more places that inspire movement will get your employee’s blood pumping, awaken their senses and prepare them for work. Just make sure that all these cool new features aren’t too distracting – that’s a difficult balance to achieve.

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