Whether it’s a result of a growth in staff numbers, a realisation that the facilities and tech are no longer sufficient, or disgruntled staff getting frustrated by the workplace design, a company can start to get itchy feet when it comes to its office.

But relocation comes with a whole host of costs and can cause massive disruption to business.

So, what if, instead of moving office, you just made the most of the workplace features you already have?

Granted, if your office currently only fits six employees and you’re about to double the number of staff then a bit of clever design work might not do the trick. But in many instances, companies could make better use of their existing office by leveraging the current workplace features.

As the recent Stoddart Review explains, businesses need to see the workplace as an “asset, which, like any other, needs regular attention so it does not become a liability.”

The review notes that the demands on the workplace “are constantly evolving” so companies should see it “as a constant work in progress” and should budget and plan accordingly.

However, the majority of employers expect workplace designers to get it right the first time and then leave it alone for the next 10 years.

The Leesman Index 2016 found quite stark discrepancies between how important features are to employees and the average office satisfaction with them.

In today’s modern working environment the internet plays a key role, but it seems workers aren’t satisfied with their Wi-Fi, with just over half (58%) saying they are happy with this feature, despite 77% noting its importance.

However, internet access was not considered the most important feature of a modern office. Refreshment facilities and having a restaurant or canteen were seen as highly important, cited by 89% and 80%, respectively. Average satisfaction for these remain low, with recorded satisfaction of just 64% and 49%.

One of the greatest differences between importance and satisfaction was seen in noise levels experienced in the office, with 76% noting the significance of this, but just 30% saying they were satisfied with their workplace acoustics.

Save yourself the stress and expense of a full office move by improving what you’ve already got. And if you need a fresh pair of eyes to help you see the potential, get in touch with Kerr today.