When you think of meetings, you might be filled more with dread than with creativity.

The Meetings Psychology Study, conducted last year and discussed by HR Magazine, revealed many employees find meetings a waste of time.

While more than four in 10 (43%) found them to be pointless, nearly a quarter (23%) admitted they were easily distracted and bored during the get-togethers, and an additional 13% confessed to doodling instead of taking notes.

If you’d like your meetings to be more productive in 2017, Conference News suggests adopting these simple concepts:

Keep it colourful

Nothing will send you and your employees off to the land of nod like a dark meeting room. Natural light important but the colour of the room can help set the tone. While blue is linked with reliability and productivity, green is thought to help relieve stress and ignite that creative spark!

Mood music

While it might not be appropriate in a financial meeting, there can be many benefits to playing music in the meeting room – as long as it is set to an appropriate volume. Thoughtfully chosen background tunes can help set the atmosphere and get people in the right frame of mind. Music in the meeting room is also a great way to engage and stimulate your audience.

De-clutter and bring balance

Start the New Year by ridding your meeting room of clutter. As we’ve discussed before, a cluttered space can have a negative effect on your state of mind. Taking time to tidy and clear down spaces will help transform your meeting room into a more productive space, with the added benefit of making you feel more organised. You can bring further balance by embracing the Eastern idea of Yin and Yang. One way to do this is to complement angular surfaces and furniture with soft furnishings and flowing shapes.

Mix it up

Scientists claim that smartphones have caused the average human attention span to fall. But in a meeting, you’re relying on your audience to stay engaged. To help keep their attention, mix up your meeting space. Get the creativity flowing by encouraging people to get out of their chairs and move around or provide alternative seating away from the table for a less formal feel.

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