Productivity – a buzzword it might be, but it’s one thing all businesses aim to achieve.
After all, greater productivity leads to be higher profits.

But is your office productive? And how do you even measure it?

Sure, the constant tapping of keyboards may give you the impression that you have a busy workplace, but does that make it truly productive?

Different sectors might have different ideas as to how to measure productivity but, generally speaking, in today’s modern office, it comes from better problem-solving and decision-making as well as more efficient interactions.

Recent research conducted by The Stoddart Review entitled The Workplace Advantage found that “progressive firms understand that productivity is a human outcome, not an organisational one.” As a result of this change of perspective, there is a growing awareness among business leaders that the path to productivity is about delivering in a smarter way, rather than simply delivering more.

So, what makes productivity so important?

As we’ve already mentioned, productivity is linked to better profits. But you don’t have to make a huge transformation to see rewards. According to economist Duncan Weldon quoted in the Review: “A 1% increase in the UK’s productivity will add £20bn to the UK economy.”

But that’s not all. A study by the University of Warwick and IZA Bonn found that happiness and productivity can influence each other. According to the research, there was a 12% increase in productivity amongst happy employees, while unhappy workers suffered from a 10% decrease in the amount they got done.

What has this got to do with the office?

Unsurprisingly, it has a lot to do with it – after all, the office is where we spend most, if not all, of our working time.

With the change in perspective in how productivity is seen, many are beginning to understand that you can’t simply increase productivity by implementing numerous policies that have been created in the boardroom. Instead, is it about providing employees with the means to work efficiently.

However, it seems many businesses are failing to do this. According to the Leesman Index, just 53% of employees in the UK and Ireland feel their workplace enables them to be productive. This is in stark contrast to the high performance workplaces questioned by Leesman, in which 70% say their workplace enables them to work productively.

Changing the workplace doesn’t have to be a big undertaking and, as this research shows, making a small change can lead to many rewards. Once businesses understand how important having the right workplace is for employees, and the company overall, the sooner they’ll see the benefits.<

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