Employee happiness is much more than just ensuring you retain top talent.

According to Personal Group’s recent report, The Business of Engagement, employees who feel in control and happy are 57% more likely to be engaged and 53% more likely to be productive – two key factors that will positively impact your bottom line.

So, what affects happiness in the workplace?

As we’ve touched on before, office design can play an important role in employee happiness, but Office Genie’s Workplace Happiness Report has really emphasised just how important it is.

The research, which questioned 2,000 office workers in the UK, indicates the design of the working environment makes the most significant difference to employee happiness levels.

Workplace happiness is boosted by a staggering 33% when workers feel comfortable with the design of their office.

This means office design has a greater impact on contentment levels than social interaction (8%), office acoustics (8%), light (6%) and the office temperature levels (5%).

But the working environment doesn’t just beat other factors in the workplace, it was also found to be more important than flexible working policies, with the ability to work from home only increasing employee happiness levels by 12%.

Given that flexible working policies are often cited as one of the key ways to boost employee happiness, this revelation is quite significant.

Despite the impact office design can have on employee happiness, many businesses are still not providing workers with adequate work spaces. Of those questioned, 12% said they want ‘a better working environment’ and 16% say their workplace causes them stress.

When it came to how happy employees currently are, the report found that nearly half (48%) of employees feel “quite happy” in their workplace, but there is still clearly more to be done.

What’s more, in 2016, job satisfaction in the UK hit a two-year low, so employers should really be focusing on improving employee happiness this year.

Head of strategy at OfficeGenie.co.uk, Peter Ames, commented: “Providing people with the environment they need in which to work at their best is arguably the most important step in ensuring staff are happy and also productive.

“In the modern workplace, where things such as flexible working are increasingly at the forefront of workers’ concerns, we’d urge a stronger focus on factors such as design and layout: the cliché of a dull, dreary office is increasingly anachronistic, and this data shows why this should be the case.”

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