Much of what we read about the workplaces of the future is centered on technology – how it will be embedded within every business function, how it will shape the way we work, how it will make us and the companies we work for more efficient. Even how it will replace many of the mundane, time-consuming tasks humans currently carry out (the robots are coming…).

Less discussed, but no less important, is workplaces of the future in terms of their design, and how it will impact businesses’ most valuable asset: their employees.

Collaborative, creative, sustainable workspaces

Long gone are the days when employees and departments worked in silos. Today’s – and indeed, the future – workspace is all about collaboration; on designing spaces that inspire cohesiveness, foster creativity and increase productivity.

More and more workspaces are being designed with the company’s employees front of mind. Think of offices that boast multiple ‘break-out’ spaces for staff to relax and feel inspired; these could take the form of an indoor garden, a cosy snug fitted with cushy sofas, or a light-drenched atrium.

At a more basic level, the traditional desk-and-chair set-up is getting a revamp. Offices are promoting hot-desking, substituting traditional desks for stand-up alternatives, and buying ergonomic chairs that provide employees with total support from nine to five. Decor is becoming bright, bold and reflective of the brand and its values; just take Lego’s London HQ, which features toy brick archways and Lego play zones.

Getting serious about sustainability

Sustainability is also becoming a big consideration when designing and furnishing offices of the future. Not only is it the right thing to do for businesses to be aware of, and take steps to minimise, their environmental impact, but companies’ sustainability credentials are now an important consideration for both employees and consumers.

Younger generations in particular want to buy from, and work for, companies that place corporate social responsibility (CSR) at their core – and office design and furnishing can play a big part in this. It’s the right thing to do, and makes business sense.

Thriving in the future workplace

Companies have realised that if their workspace is a fun, inspiring environment employees enjoy working in, they’ll thrive. This means higher productivity, morale and ultimately, a more successful business.

Workplace design is constantly evolving and, take it from us, it’s an exciting industry to be part of. If you can envision yourself helping to design and build the workspaces of the future, we have three fantastic vacancies for a Furniture Sales Person, CAD Technician / Estimator, and an Electrician. This is your chance to join a fast-growing, forward-thinking company that puts it people first – find more information on our brand new careers page.