This is a generation who’ve grown up surrounded by technology. Not only does this make them more digital-savvy than their elders, but also more global in their outlook and socially aware. Not to mention, they have multi-tasking down to a tee.


Predicted to outnumber Millennial’s by next year, Gen Z – or, people born after 1995 – have started to take over the workplace, bringing with them different needs and expectations than those of their predecessors.


These attributes make Gen Z desirable candidates. However, they’re also particularly picky when it comes to who they choose to work for; don’t offer what they’re after, you won’t get a look-in. So, perhaps the most important question is: what do Gen Z want from their workplace?

Commercial Cafe has kindly done the hard work so you don’t have to, speaking to people in their 20s to learn more about their workplace expectations.


Here’s a recap of the main findings (and some might surprise you):


Knock before entering


Gen Z’s social media habits might lead you to believe they relish non-stop social interaction. But quite the contrary: even in the age of the open-plan space, 62.5% said privacy is of utmost importance in the office.


Adding to that, when asked about their dream office layout, 38% answered ‘at home,’ while 37% said a private office. Just 13.5% chose an open-plan office as their top option for how they’d like to work.


Keep it down


In a similar vein to craving privacy, Gen Z also subscribe to the idea that silence is golden in the office. A noisy workplace was found to be the main culprit of hampering Gen Z’s productivity, cited by 43%. This was followed by interruptions from co-workers (38%) and lack of privacy (30%).


Get personal


Gen Z want to be treated as individuals – from products to ads, they respond better to things when they’re tailored to them personally. In the office, 60.5% of Gen Z said being given the chance to personalise their space is what makes them most happy (and we all know happy employees = more productive). Over half (53%) said that windows/natural light made them happy at work.


The way to the heart…

…is through the stomach, according to Gen Z. Snacks/food options came top of the list when Gen Zs were asked what they’d like to have in the office, cited by 49.3%, followed by free coffee/tea (48.8%). Surprisingly, games rooms aren’t a perk Gen Z are particularly interested in, with just 15.8% wanting one in their office.


These insights might prove valuable when planning how to attract, recruit and retain Gen Z employees. If you want help with designing, building and furnishing your office to appeal to this generation, or any other generation, why not partner with the experts at Kerr? Get in touch with the experts at Kerr.