Employer branding may sound like a phrase that was constructed in an HR meeting, but that shouldn’t put you off this important business strategy. After all, those businesses that invest in employer branding reap plenty of rewards.

So, what is it?

As the name suggests, employer branding is the process by which companies establish their company brand and work to ensure the message remains consistent throughout the company and across all their channels, both internal and external.

Why is it important and what are the benefits?

In this highly competitive market, you need to stand out from the crowd, not just in terms of your customers, but for your employees and possible recruits, too.

Employer branding is a powerful business tool that brings many benefits and will help give you that competitive edge. For instance, it helps you to…

Attract top talent
Just as your business reputation helps you attract customers, a strong employer branding strategy can help attract top candidates. According to CareerArc’s 2015 Employer Branding Study , 75% of job seekers take an employer’s brand into consideration before even applying for a job. What’s more, a recent LinkedIn survey found that 72% of recruiting leaders across the globe agree employer brand has a significant impact on hiring.

Boost retention
If you have, and implement, an employer branding strategy, your staff are going to be motivated to stick around. The LinkedIn survey found that respondents with an employer brand saw a 28% reduction in turnover.

Increase employee advocacy
So, having a good reputation wins you customers and top talent, but how do you obtain this status? One of the best ways is through your employees themselves. Happy employees will gladly share news about their company, and this is pretty powerful as 52% of consumers said they trust content about an employer when it has come from employees.

Top things to include in your employer branding

When working on your employer branding strategy, there are a few key things you should consider, according to ERE Media:

Business goals – Set out the goals you’d like the company to achieve that year and ensure all your subsequent plans align with the overall goals. Check in on these goals throughout the year to make sure they haven’t shifted as a result of market conditions.

Social media/online presence – Check your online and social media presence to ensure that your messages are consistent across all channels and truly reflect your employer brand – this will make you instantly recognisable. LinkedIn’s survey also found that the top three channels where SMBs are planning on extending their employer brand are company website (69%), online professional networks (61%), and social media (47%).

Kerr’s five core values

If you’re still struggling with how to start, take a look at our core values for some inspiration…


Here at Kerr Office Group, we demonstrate our professionalism every day by offering exceptional customer service and attention to detail on every job, while adhering to all applicable legislation and client requirements.


Every single member of our team is passionate about what we do and this motivates us to go the extra mile and commit to delivering an excellent service.


We create a positive working environment, for our staff and our clients, by being knowledgeable, approachable and attentive and valuing a wide range of opinions.


We value and care for our clients and our team members and we show this by sharing our knowledge, experience and workload and by creating a management team that is friendly and approachable.


Client satisfaction is the heart of Kerr and we successfully build trust with our clients by listening to their needs and respecting their wishes, while offering our expert advice when needed.

Your workplace is an important part of your employer brand, too. If yours needs a refresh to reflect your updated brand, give us a call today.