When we discuss office design, we often think of futuristic spaces that accommodate all the needs of the ever-expanding Millennial and Generation Z workforce.

But a recent article has got us thinking. After all, they aren’t the only generations making up the workforce in the UK, or in your office.

Research conducted last year found that Millennials had surpassed the number of working adults in Generation X. Meanwhile, the employment rate for people over 65 in the UK has doubled in the last 30 years.

While the younger workforce might bring innovation and technology know-how, the older generation of workers has a wealth of skills and experience that the other generations simply don’t have.

So, does your office design accommodate for the numerous generations making up your modern workforce?

If Millennials have been your main consideration when it comes to workspace design up to now, here are a few things to consider to ensure the valuable older members of your team still have their needs met, too…


Nowadays, companies rely heavily on technology to function efficiently. There’s no doubt that technology brings many benefits to the office, but how is it impacting the acoustics of your workspace?
While some members of staff might be able to concentrate and hear what they’ve been asked to do over the Skype conversations going on around them, others, particularly those of the older generation, might have a hard time picking out the key points.

Ensuring your office design takes acoustics into account is necessary to ensure everyone in your business is able to work effectively.

Space Planning

Workplace initiatives, especially ones encouraging employees to be healthier, are a great way to retain top talent and cultivate a happier, more productive workforce. But these campaigns are often directed at younger employees.

If you’re able to offer your workers a gym, for example, you need to consider how everyone will use the space. What machines do you have? What music will be playing? If you have the space, think about offering initiatives that everyone will want to be involved with.

Ergonomic Equipment

Given the amount of time today’s employees spend sat at their desks, smart office furniture is a must-have. Ergonomic chairs are not only comfortable, they also help to minimise workplace injuries and sick days relating to back pain.

Whether you’re looking for ergonomic seating or need a solution to fix the acoustics in your office the experts at Kerr can help.