The Christmas countdown is on, but it’s pretty fair to say that not everyone in the office shares the same festive spirit. From full-on festive fanatics to those who despair at the thought of the holiday season, you’re guaranteed to find these classic Christmas characters in every office:


Perhaps in the most ironic twist of all, nothing says Christmas quite like Ebenezer Scrooge.

Whether your idea of Scrooge comes from the Charles Dickens novel itself or from the Muppet Christmas Carol, you’ll be able to spot your office Scrooge a mile away.

They hate absolutely everything about Christmas – the food, the decorations, the cheer! – and will let their dislike be known from the time the first decorations go up in the local supermarket. They refuse to join in with the office Secret Santa, loathe the idea of the Christmas break, and will utter the phrase “Bah humbug!” at least once a week throughout December. But, unlike the real Ebenezer Scrooge, they won’t suddenly have a Christmas awakening.


Buddy the Elf

It is impossible not to get swept up into the festive spirit when you’re around Buddy the Elf – unless you’re the office Scrooge!

As soon as the clocks strike 12 on October 31st, they cover their desk in Christmas decorations, will begin baking batches of mince pies, and will be counting down to the big day. And they definitely live by the mantra that “The best way to spread Christmas cheer, is singing loud for all to hear.”


The Grinch

They might like to think of themselves as a Scrooge, but really they only pretend to hate Christmas. You constantly hear them singing along to Christmas songs under their breath, will wear the most festive outfit at the Christmas party, and will be full of joy on the last day before the Christmas break — when they’ll finally admit that they loved Christmas all along!


Harry and Marv

‘Tis the season for overindulgence, but some of your colleagues will take this one step further. With the subtlety and tenacity of Harry and Marv from Home Alone, these two colleagues are thick as thieves and will take every opportunity to steal more than their share of the office snacks. If you’ve ever missed out on Buddy the Elf’s mince pies or found that your carefully crafted Christmas sandwich has disappeared, you’ll know who to blame! Just don’t be tempted to start setting up booby traps around the office!


John McClane

There might be some debate over whether Die Hard is actually a Christmas film or not (we definitely think it is!), but a John McClane will appear in every office in the run-up to Christmas– hopefully minus the tank top!

Whether it’s fixing the broken boiler or offering to help everyone meet their deadlines before the break, this office hero comes but once a year, to save the day and keep the Christmas cheer.


Sarah and Karl

There are lots of rules you really need to adhere to at the work Christmas party. But there’s one potential couple that the whole office has been rooting for all year and, just like Love Actually’s Sarah and Karl, everyone hopes the Christmas party will be the place to make it happen.

But will they prove that love actually is all around or will these two soul mates truly become Sarah and Karl and miss their chance?


The experts at Kerr might not be able to send Christmas spirits to your office to help with the Christmas cheer, but we can help you design a space that works for all the festive characters. Get in touch today!