Clever office design isn’t just about intelligent use of space or attracting top talent; it can help fuel creativity, productivity and efficiency. But what else can it do?

A recent article on The Remi Network discusses the 2016 Workplace Survey, which found a link between office design and innovation.

The 2016 Workplace Survey questioned 4,000 office workers in the US, spanning 11 industries and all age groups across all organisational levels.

What sets the innovators apart from the rest?

One key takeaway from the study was that the top innovators were three times more likely to use sit-to-stand workstations than those who ranked lowest on innovation.

As well as using flexible workstations, the highest-ranking respondents for innovation get away from their desks to engage with their co-workers.
The survey suggests that having a workplace equally emphasise spaces for individual and group tasks is five times more likely to be reported by top innovators.

This group are also twice as likely to be able to choose their own working environment.

So, where in the office are these top innovators choosing to collaborate? Conference rooms seem to be a common choice, with these workers 1.8 times more likely to opt for such spaces.

Companies that provide staff with more than just a place to work will reap the benefits with more innovative workers, as the study claims top innovators are two times more likely to have access to amenities.

It is perhaps unsurprising that innovators like to get up and walk around the office instead of sitting at their desks all day, as the study found they are 10 times more likely to be physically active.

So, how can you use office design to foster innovation in your workforce?

1. Provide workers with sit-to-stand desks
This will also help maintain a healthy workforce as numerous studies have uncovered the health risks of sitting all day.

2. Create different spaces for different types of work
Also ensure your employees have the choice of where they work.

3. Get your staff away from their desks with break rooms
You could even add a pool or table tennis to further encourage socialising and physical activity.

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