Like it or lump it, the Christmas countdown has officially begun. The shops are stocked with presents, the ads are on TV, and before too long, radio stations will be blasting non-stop festive tunes.


The festive period is good fun, but it’s also darned busy. We fill our evenings and weekends shopping for presents, and merrymaking with friends and family. While in the office, we graft hard to pull our work forward so that, come Christmas Eve, we can shut down our computers happy we’ve ticked everything off our to-do lists.


Q4 is the busiest quarter for a lot of companies, but even so, you don’t want your team to feel overworked and stressed out – two things guaranteed to impact productivity and morale. To help them (and you) beat stress, here are some words of wisdom inspired by a recent

Business Leader article:


Set boundaries


We can’t escape tech these days – but one of the consequences of this is that we often feel compelled to check and respond to work emails out of hours. It’s important to set boundaries to ensure you achieve that work/life balance, even if it means deleting the Gmail app from your phone to remove temptation!


Clients and employees don’t expect you to reply to their emails at 9pm Tuesday evening or 2pm Sunday afternoon, and you shouldn’t expect that from your team. Make sure your staff know the importance of ‘switching off,’ and encourage them to speak to you if they feel they have too much on their plate. You can then work together on how to make their workload more manageable.


Develop good end-of-day habits


When we’re snowed under with work, we’re all guilty of putting off tasks to the next day – then when tomorrow comes, we deeply regret our decision. Developing good end-of-day habits, where you and your team get organised ahead of leaving work, will help you all to switch off in the evenings. It’ll also mean you won’t arrive at the office the next day fearing the mountain of yesterday’s tasks that await you.


A clear desk equals a clear mind, so tidying up before you leave the office is a must. Writing up of list of things you need to do the next day will help, too. And if you have half an hour spare at the end of the day and a few small tasks to get done, get them done. You’ll thank yourself tomorrow!


Create a healthy workplace


It’s in a company’s best interest to create a healthy workplace for their team. This can be achieved in many ways, from creating breakout zones where staff can relax and recharge, to organising fitness classes, to providing free, healthy breakfasts a couple of days a week. As well as encouraging your team to speak up if they’re feeling stressed, you could be more flexible in the lead up to Christmas. Employees are bound to appreciate an extra day working from home, meaning they can dodge the dreaded commute and better juggle work and home commitments.


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