You’ve, no doubt, felt a seismic shift in the mood in your office since you returned to work after the Christmas break – perhaps you even posted your own #BackToWork meme on Twitter? But there are steps you can take to pull everyone out of their post-Christmas slump. The festive season may have been the time for over-indulgence, but now it’s time to beat the January blues by indulging in a bit of wellbeing. Here’s how…

Motivate with a New Year plan

Motivation is seriously lacking at this time of year, so Answer4U recommends giving your staff a little direction by providing an overview of where you want the business to head in 2018 and assigning each department a role to help achieve this goal.

Not only will this ensure your company is working together towards the same objective, but it will also give staff a sense of purpose to help drive them through the gloomiest month of the year.

Help those in need

Money might be tight as we wait for the next paycheck, but there are many ways to get involved in charity work. Why not team up with a local charity to do an afternoon of volunteering, or sign up for a company fundraiser later in the year? It’s time to stop being consumed in ourselves and think about others.

Speaking to, Karolina Jurasik, psychologist at the MyMind Centre for Mental Wellbeing, noted that helping others can help ourselves to feel better. What’s more, this will motivate staff and help bring them together as a team.

Organise a social activity

Whether it’s starting to plan the work summer party or getting something in the diary for February, just talking about a social event can be enough to lift spirits. People might not have the money or energy to meet up in January, but planning an event in the next few months will give everyone something to look forward to.

Bring about change

As Gotcha Recruitment highlights, one of the hardest parts about coming back to work is the realisation that nothing’s changed – you’ve had a great time off with your loved ones, but now you’re back to the same routine. Try to shake things up a bit.

From moving the desks around to planning a full refurbishment – no matter how big or small the change, mixing up the norm can help give morale a boost and spring clean spirits for the year ahead.

If you’d like to beat the January blues by giving your office a fresh look for the new year, give the experts at Kerr a call today.