The party season is in full swing, but the office Christmas party can be a bit of a minefield. Research discussed by The Balance last festive season revealed that 15% of companies that hosted Christmas celebrations reported inappropriate employee behaviour had impacted their career growth.

So, how do you make sure you have a jolly, festive time without the fear of being haunted by the ghost of Christmas parties past?

Avoid excessive drinking

While you no doubt deserve to let your hair down at the end of the working year, don’t go overboard.

Excessive drinking could result in an embarrassing incident or saying something you’d later regret. You don’t want to spend the weekend worrying about whether you’ll have a job on Monday, so know your limit.

Speaking to the Independent, etiquette expert Barbara Pachter warned: “People need to remember that although the holiday party is a time to celebrate, this activity is still a business event and how you behave matters.”

Be clear on social media

Bear Barbara’s advice in mind when it comes to posting on social media. Susan from accounts might not want that photo of her doing shots going up on Facebook – and your boss might not be too pleased seeing it, either.

And make sure you keep negative thoughts to yourself! You might have thought the party wasn’t as good as last year or that the food was inedible, but a whisper in the powder room can quickly become a FB update when you’re more than a little merry.

Save the romance for another time

According to research by Reboot Digital, a staggering 66% of workers admitted that their workplace romance began during the winter months and 31% of first kisses between colleagues happen at the office Christmas party.

Avoid mixing mulled wine and mistletoe and keep your potential office romance for a time when your boss – and those smartphone cameras – aren’t around.

Don’t forget to say thank you

Whether your work Christmas parties involve a few drinks in the office after work, a pub lunch, or a full-on evening celebration, it will have cost your company time and money to organise it. So, no matter how much you’ve had to drink, make sure you remember to say thank you — maybe even say it earlier in the night so you don’t forget — after all, they aren’t obliged to throw you a Christmas party.

Know when to call it a night

No doubt you went out with the best intentions of sticking to all the rules but, between the boozy mince pies and the prosecco, you’re starting to feel like you’ve overdone it.

As close as you may be to your colleagues, you can’t treat this as a night out with your pals. Know when to say you’ve had enough and head back home for some tea and toast before you say or do something that could leave you feeling red-faced when you walk back into the office on Monday morning.

Christmas isn’t the only time to mingle with colleagues. The experts at Kerr can help you design an office space that focuses on collaboration and provides social spaces so you can benefit from a unified team right throughout the year. Why not give us a call today?