It feels like we’ve been somewhat bombarded with the message that sitting down for extensive periods is as bad for you as smoking.

But when you have an office job, what are you supposed to do?

There are some easy ways you can offset all those negative mental and physical effects caused by staring at a screen all day… Prise yourself away and try out one of these alternative lunchtime ideas instead!

1. Run, Forest, run!

Whether it’s a short stroll around the block or a few miles in preparation for your next half-marathon, walking or running at lunchtime will get your blood pumping and help to improve your mental health at the same time.

2. Learn a language

A new study by researchers at Vita-Salute San Raffaele University in Milan suggests that being bilingual can help prevent Alzheimer’s disease. Knowing another language, even if it’s just a few phrases, is also handy when you’re on holiday, and it’s a great skill to have at work. So, find a quiet spot and give your brain a challenge – yet another skill to add to your LinkedIn profile!

3. Get lost in a story

Take a break from the digital world by getting lost in a good book. Suggest setting up a book club or a book swap in the office to get access to new books and have someone to discuss your latest reads with.4. Volunteer

If you work in a city centre, why not do some good at lunchtime and become a volunteer? Whether you’re helping out in a soup kitchen or sorting clothes in a charity shop, every little helps and this could be your chance to a little back to your community.

These are all simple ways you can have a break from your desk during the day but sometimes we just need that little extra nudge. And if you really don’t have time to leave the office, incorporating a chill-out or relaxing area somewhere on the premises could help.

Call the team at Kerr today to learn more about how our modern break-out areas could work in your organisation.