Demystifying office fit out jargon: what’s the difference between CAT A and CAT B?

13 July 2023

If you’re relocating your office and considering a fit out, it’s likely you’ve already encountered some unfamiliar language. Not sure what the difference is between CAT A and CAT B? Our latest article demystifies the jargon and breaks down the elements likely to be included in each type of fit out. 

CAT means category and A or B refers to the scope of fit out.  


CAT A leaves a blank canvas for tenants with many Landlords opting for this so that their tenant can customise it to their specific requirements. Popular with tenants looking for a long-term, permanent home, this provides the opportunity to design your own interiors and make the space reflective of your brand.  

The key features of a CAT A fit out include: 

  • Foundations: The CAT A fit out covers the essential structural elements of the building, such as finished internal walls, reception areas and lift lobbies
  • Flexibility: CAT A aims to accommodate a wide range of potential tenants, leaving space for customisation to fit individual requirements and needs


CAT B is the process of bringing all the office design elements together to create a fully functioning workspace ready to move into. This makes them ideal for short-term tenants.  

The key characteristics of a CAT B fit out include: 

  • Interior design: CAT B focuses on all interior design elements, including partition walls, flooring, lighting, interiors and kitchen breakouts. 
  • Time and cost: Due to the level of customisation that goes into creating these fit outs, they typically require more time and investment. 

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