5 things to consider when deciding whether to relocate your office 

22 June 2023

A survey by E.ON found that office relocation is the second most stressful task that managers go through, resulting in 78% of companies delaying their office move.  

There are several considerations when deciding whether you need to relocate, whether you’re expanding, downsizing, or simply need a place that is more suited to the firm you’ve become. Our latest blog explores the key considerations to think through when making the decision of whether to stay or go. 

Make your space do the work

The definition of a company is a collection of individuals working together towards a common goal. As every company, and its goals are different, your workspace should be as individual as you.

Think about how you want to conduct work; do you need areas for focused work or collaboration space? Do you need specialist tech requirements for meetings? Will you be hosting investor or client meetings where you need the space to impress and reflect your brand values? 

A challenge that businesses often face is being in an office that isn’t suited to them. Whilst a generic, trendy space may seem like a good idea at the time, it may not be reflective of your specific needs and grow tiresome and unusable quickly. 

Employers need to magnetise not mandate the workplace. Having a space that delivers and improves various tasks and experiences will ultimately draw employees to it. 

Through purpose-driven design, we create workspaces that reflect a brands unique culture and business needs. This ensures your space feels ownable to your people, whilst being long lasting and fit for purpose. 

Location, Location, Location

Research shows that the location of the workspace is one of the key factors that attracts candidates when searching for a new job. With that in mind, there are many things to consider when ensuring the right location for your office. 

In our post-pandemic society, a commute is no longer considered as a necessity. Evaluate how your employees, suppliers and clients travel to work and consider the location of your office in relation to public transport, major roads and cycle networks.

A space located in a city centre may be brimming with leisure amenities and transport links which can be attractive to employees and potential clients, however you can also expect to pay a premium for the benefits that come alongside these benefits.  

If you are looking at a site that is out of town, you may want to have a discussion with your agent to ensure your new office has amenities available to you, either within the space or in close proximity. We can work with you to design a space that is well equipped for your employee’s needs. Adding areas such as cooking facilities, workout spaces, cycle lock up and showers.

Sustainability and wellbeing

Customers and employees are becoming increasingly aware of the sustainability practices of the firms they work for or buy from. It’s critical to check in on a frequent basis to see if your workspace reflects your sustainability commitments. 

There are numerous certificates and accreditations which buildings have to adhere to from EPC, BREEAM, FitWell, and NABERS to name a few. 

However, many organisations now have sustainability targets of their own. A company’s real estate makes up a huge percentage of their carbon footprint, so getting it wrong can be costly in the pursuit of sustainability, alongside customer and colleague engagement. 

Through sustainable design and careful choice of supply chain and materials, we can help you meet your ESG credentials. We pride ourselves on the quality of our work, creating a space that lasts. From using recycled timber in the design, to selecting long lasting quality furniture, to our tenacious finishing, we go above and beyond at each stage of delivery.

Wellbeing and inclusivity sit at the heart of design process. Getting this right is not only critical in the attraction and retention of employees, but can also help you win clients and investment. With accreditations like B Corp becoming more popular, a brand’s social credentials should live through every aspect of operations, including office space. 

Tech and AV requirements 

Quality technology is vital to any growing business. And A WIRED score assesses how technically set up a building is. This can tell you if your building has the correct amount of tech that will help to improve health, wellbeing and productivity within your team.  

Technology such as building or room management apps can reduce administrative resource and provide you with learnings about how you work and where you are wrongly utilising your resources.

As part of your fitout, we’ll install the correct tech for your needs. For example,  facilitating the AV requirements for the running of efficient hybrid meetings. 

Navigating the market can be complex

It’s important to remember that searching the property market can be a considerable investment of time and resource. From space selection, to refit, to relocation, an office move can take around six months. 

Through workplace strategy planning, we can help you understand what sort of space you need for the next chapter of your business. Whether that’s growth, downsizing or some kind of shared space. 

We’d recommend working with an agent to ensure you are choosing the right space for your business. From gaining a deeper understanding of the market, to lease negotiations which include landlord contributions of work, rent free periods and exit terms. We can put you in touch with our network of knowledgeable agents based over the Bristol, Swindon and the South West. 

On a side note: Dilapidation

One thing it’s important to review is your current lease arrangements. While most landlords accept common wear and tear, you do not want an unexpected bill to come your way if you have made changes to your current office and need to get it back to its original form.  

Again, this is something your agent can help you negotiate and we’re on hand to support with stripping back space as needed.

Next steps

If you’re considering an office relocation, or want your space to work better for you, get in touch today for an informal chat around the pros and cons of your current workspace. 

To find out more about how we can transform working lives, get in touch with our experienced team here.

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