How to choose the perfect office space for your business

22 June 2023

When looking for the perfect office space, it’s important to consider what is right for you, your company, and your colleagues. We’re strong believers that one size does not fit all, and that is why we work with all our clients to create bespoke interior solutions with their business and brand in mind. 

Designing a workspace should be carefully considered, asking yourself questions such as what stage of the business are you at? What is the purpose of your new office space? What is important to your people? What are the non-negotiables? 

There’s no right or wrong office space, only wrong spaces for certain businesses. Which is why we help businesses determine the best solution for them. Our latest blog delves into some of the key office space solutions available, who they might be suited to, and why.   

  1. Co-working / serviced offices 

Co-working serviced spaces offer a level of flexibility that other offices can’t provide which can be very attractive for many companies. Why? They can provide a temporary solution or room for growth, with the option to upsize and downsize quickly without disruption if needed. That said, there may well be a cost implication to this.

Another reason people enjoy co-working spaces is the networking opportunities available which can be harder to find in individually managed spaces. If networking is a priority for you then co-working could be a great fit… Another benefit of this workspace is that often the soft elements of HR are taken care of, for example, social events, gym memberships, catering, and other perks. This hotelification of the workspace will not only serve as a time saver for many companies but also offers a great experience to attract colleagues into the office. 

On the other hand, not all of these spaces are suitable for all business activities, for example, access to meeting rooms may be restricted. Serviced offices often offer meeting rooms that are available to book in advance, but you should expect to pay a premium for this. 

Lastly, as these areas are shared, you lose the ability to make your space your own. You can’t be creative and put your stamp on the space in the same way as an owned space. 

  1. Fitted (ready to work plug & play)

Like co-working spaces, these offices allow more flexibility for scale-up and fast-growth businesses than more permanent options that tend to have longer-term leases. The space can be decorated to make it your own through aesthetic changes and decorations, although the transition into the space will be quicker the less initial work is needed. This type of space can be a great option for tech startups, where a shared office space isn’t suitable but due to the potential of fast-paced growth, the future is always changing and flexibility to move location if needed is likely to be a priority.  

Coming fit for purpose and with limited commitment, the flip side to this is you’re likely to pay more than you would for an empty office space, due to the accessibility and ease of moving.  

  1. Bespoke Office Space

A bespoke office space is ideal for companies who are really looking for the ‘wow factor’ when it comes to their business hub. These locations will come at a cost, but if you’re an office-first company, this type of space will help attract the right people for your business.  

When creating these bespoke offices, you can completely tailor the workspace to fit your company culture, size, and needs. You can make a statement that will not only attract your people into the office but create a lasting impression on clients, prospects, and investors too. 

This is where we thrive, transforming empty spaces into the home of a client’s brand, perfectly fitted to their needs. A happy and healthy environment for the business to perform at its best. 

  1. Self-contained HQ

These office spaces are ideal for any business where privacy is a priority, for example, a law firm or health professionals, differing from other workspaces as your business will own or rent the entire building. Being self-contained isn’t for everyone, but it’s an absolute necessity for some businesses. 

Like bespoke office space, you’ll be able to transform the space to perfectly fit your team, values, and culture. It allows anyone coming into the space, prospective clients, investors, or talent to see what you and the company is really about. Not only that, the space is completely secure and you have total control of your neighbours. 

However, there are some drawbacks. You lose access to other companies and networking within your space is limited. Additionally, these spaces can be hard to come by in busy city centres, so the choice of location may be restricted.

Ultimately, everyone has different needs. Here at Kerr we work with our clients every step of the way to ensure you find the right space for you.  

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