Introducing hotelification and its implications for workspace design in 2023

16 January 2023

“For those with the autonomy to choose, colleagues coming to the office will do so with a particular purpose in mind”.

Purposeful presence

Purposeful presence, a concept coined in a recent Leesmans research report captures the 2022 sentiment of many employees. A trip to the office must serve a specific purpose, making it worth leaving a bespoke home working environment. Office workspace must adapt to support the delivery of tasks that are difficult, or not possible, from home, to balance the time, cost and energy associated with commuting to the office.  

Introducing hotelification

Hotelification of the workspace is a trend many businesses are starting to adopt, working to deliver a high-quality, welcoming and creative environment which attracts colleagues in, much like a boutique hotel. 

As colleagues challenge a requirement to attend the office for tasks performed better at home, 2023 will be the year of workspace experience. Employers must understand how and why their people use their office space, optimising it accordingly to make the time there valuable.  

We’re already seeing an increase in features and activities that support and bolster colleague relationships. Having facilities like a gym, café, recreational spaces, alongside sophisticated equipment, encourages colleagues to immerse themselves in a full day of professional, social and health activities. Employees have higher expectations than ever, meaning that the flexibility and perks offered by employers are crucial to the way they engage with their office workspace. 

Adding the need to book certain facilities like you would in a hotel adds a perceived value to it and helps encourage thorough planning and intention around each visit.  

Providing advanced tech and resources that colleagues may not have access to at home is another good way to demonstrate the value your workspace offers. 

Hotelification in 2023 

Offices must become a centre of connection, collaboration and innovation in the year ahead, providing clear incentives for those that come in and use them.  In return your people will start to recognise the value, connection and purpose of your physical workspace, as much as their own space, making it an integral part of your brand culture.

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