10 ways to deliver a brilliant workplace experience in a hybrid world

29 July 2022

Does hybrid work? As we move into the second half of 2022 and the fears that Covid is likely to cause any further WFH restrictions subside, our attention has turned to how well our hybrid work experiments are working (or not). Whether you’ve implemented a 3/2 model, working from home 1 day a week or complete flexibility, hybrid working has come complete with its own challenges. And if you haven’t given your colleagues clear reasons why to come back to the workplace it’s no wonder that there may be a few questions being thrown about regarding why make the commute. 

We know by now that there are huge benefits to colleagues coming into the workplace regularly, even if the days of 9-5, 5 days a week are behind us. But helping colleagues use the office space and time effectively is key to helping them realise them.

Here’s 10 ways to ensure your colleagues are getting a brilliant experience, every time they come into the office. 

1. Find your workplace why:

Leeman’s workplace why research discovered that although 70% of workplace leaders have a plan for their post-pandemic workplace, only 36% had communicated it. Engaging colleagues with how you see the future of your workplace and inviting contribution and collaboration in terms of how you mould your workplace will encourage buy-in and engagement.

2. Rethink your space: 

Engage with a workspace specialist who can guide you through the 4 stages of reimagining your workspace: workplace strategy, design, fit-out and furniture. Contact us for an informal chat about how we can get you started. 

3. Create a brand experience:

A trip to the office is the perfect opportunity for your people to connect to your brand purposes and values. Ensure your use of space and office design are reflective of the cultural experience of your brand. 

4. Encourage coordinated days: 

Anyone is going to feel disillusioned after travelling for an hour on an expensive commute only to sit alone on video calls all day. Whether it’s at a team or company level, coordinated offices days will mean your people will benefit from the advantages of face-to-face connection. 

5. Empower teams: 

Face-to-face time is golden and shouldn’t be wasted for procedural BAU. Provide teams with the empowerment to use their time together wisely encouraging collaboration, ideation, and connection. 

6. Social time: 

It’s time together socially that helps grow relationships. Create social events as part of in-office days. Order lunch in or incorporate team building activities that relate to your business strategy.

7. Remind everyone of the 70-20-10 rule: 

It’s much easier to mentor in person, as well as managers being able to spot visual cues that an employee may need support. Remind your colleagues of the 70-20-10 rule which posits that 70% of learning happens through experience. The opportunities to learn from others are quickly multiplied while in the office with your team.

8. Encourage in-person client meetings: 

It’s not just your colleagues that can benefit from face-to-face time, clients love it to. Bringing client meetings back into your workspace is a great way to build those relationships whilst bringing your people back too.

9. Avoid video calls: 

Quite rightly colleagues won’t see the point in coming in if they have a schedule of video calls. Advocate video calls being taken on home days where possible to increase opportunities for face-to-facer connection whilst together in the office.

10. Create FOMO: 

No one likes to miss out. Whether it’s an office picnic or external speaker, fun and inspirational activities taking place in person in and around the office will draw those engaging with your business and brand back.

Is it time you rethought your workspace experience?

Here at Kerr we’re on hand to help you from developing your strategy to align with your brand experience, to picking out the right furniture. Get in touch today for an informal chat to get you started. 

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