COVID-19 and the workplace: A message from our Managing Director

18 March 2020

In a time of disruption and uncertainty, businesses are having to adapt fast to the rapidly evolving economic and political climate. As experts in workplace strategy and design, we are very aware of the changing nature of work and the everchanging requirements of the workplace.

Many people are speculating as to when things are likely to return to how they were pre-COVID-19 but we believe this could mark a paradigm shift in the way we work, as businesses have no choice but to embrace agile working practices in order to continue to trade.

Despite the acute challenges this presents to business across industries, the benefits of agile working can drive increases in productivity, employee engagement, reduce absenteeism and offer savings on a business’s property or rental costs. Reduced commuting also offers obvious environmental benefits, therefore reducing the carbon footprint of an organisation.

As flexible working becomes more popular with staff and employers alike, the requirements of offices and collaborative spaces is becoming ever more important. Spaces need to do more than ever before; guaranteeing connectivity, privacy, space for collaborative working and making effective use of existing floorspace to deliver maximum value for organisations and their teams.

We are adopting a positive attitude to the situation that we face right now and are focused on delivering value for our clients and looking after our people. In the immediate term, we’re adapting to the changing circumstances to ensure we continue to deliver our vision; to improve working lives. Our approach to delivering this vision is not limited to the confines of your office; our team of strategists, consultants and designers are available and on-hand to support your business as it adjusts to these new ways of working. We have the latest video conference technology at our disposal to support and offer guidance to your organisation wherever you are in the world.

What impact are the latest developments having on you and your business? What changes are you making? 

We wish you all good health and to keep safe during this time.

Jonathan Kerr

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