Why You Should Avoid Eating Lunch ‘Al Desko’

13 October 2017

Are you guilty of eating your lunch at your desk? If so, you’re not alone. Research from Grace Say Aloe has revealed that 40% of office workers eat ‘al desko’.

Dining at your desk may seem like the best way to get through your workload but, in a recent netdoctor article, food psychologist Dr Christy Fergusson explains why we should all try to avoid the desk at lunchtime. The main reasons were…

Your brain needs a break

Your to-do list might be as long as your arm but trying to work your way through it over lunch may be counterproductive. As Dr Christy explains: “Being stuck to your screen all day can leave you feeling stressed and overwhelmed.”

Give your brain the break it needs and step away from the desk. After lunch, you’ll feel more refreshed, focused, and in a better frame of mind to tackle your workload.

You miss out on time to socialise

With our busy lives it can be difficult to find time to catch up with our friends. But your lunch break can serve as the perfect opportunity to do just that. What’s more, you’ll be less likely to work through your lunch if you’ve arranged to meet a friend.

If your friends aren’t close by, use this time to get to know your colleagues better. Send round an email inviting people to head out for lunch – be it a cafe or even just going to a local park.

You increase the time sat down

We’re all living increasingly sedentary lives, with the average office worker spending 15 hours a day sat down, and it is playing havoc with our health.

Simply walking from the office kitchen and back to your desk again isn’t enough. Whether you go for a stroll around the block once you’re done refuelling, or walk to shop to get your lunch, try to be as active as you can on your break – your body and your brain will thank you for the exercise.

You lose out on vitamin D

As we head into the winter months, there’s a good chance that many of us will be going to work and heading home in the dark. This can have a significant impact on our mood and lead to low levels of vitamin D.

Lunchtime is one of the few opportunities we have to soak up the sunshine, so head outside and start the afternoon feeling recharged.

Not every office has the space to incorporate a cafeteria, but there is a need for employers to provide their staff with space to eat away from their desks. Increased morale and productivity will be just a few of the benefits.

See how Kerr can help with your office lunchtime solutions by giving us a call today.

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