A-Z of Office Culture- Part 2

30 March 2017

A-Z of office culture – Part 2

How is your company creating and maintaining its office culture? If you need some ideas you’ll find plenty in part two of our amazing A-Z…

L is for learning –

Companies want to attract and retain the best talent, and rightfully so. One way to ensure you hold on to your top staff is by providing them with opportunities to learn and grow. This helps employees stay engaged and feel valued.

M is for meetings –

There might be a growing tendency to see meetings as a waste of time – but, let’s be honest, there are still times when we need to hold meetings. To make sure your meetings are productive, choose the right setting – why use a meeting room if there are only two of you in the meeting?

N is for network –

How up to date is your internet infrastructure? Research published by Sharp last year revealed that the average office worker wastes around 21 days every year as a result of slow or outdated technology – more than the paid annual leave for most workers in the UK!

O is for open plan –

Open plan offices have become increasingly popular in the last few years, but they aren’t for everyone. Some firms and departments within companies need privacy, which you don’t get with open plan. Make sure your office design suits your business and your staff – don’t just jump on the bandwagon for the sake of it.

P is for pets –

Okay, so not every office can or will want to do this, but there’s a growing trend for companies to allow employees to bring their dogs into the office. Research shows having four-legged friends in the office improves staff wellbeing and productivity.

Q is for queueing –

Us Brits apparently love to queue, but waiting around for office equipment to become free can cause frustration among workers. Make sure your workers have access to equipment when they need it. And, if you don’t know, ask them!

R is for refurbishment –

Does your workplace resemble David Brent’s office? If so, it might be worth investing in a refurb – a survey by Office Genie revealed good office design can boost employee happiness by 33%.

S is for (playground-style) slides –

Slides (not the boring ones you’d find in a presentation) have become synonymous with Google offices, and many companies are choosing to follow the tech giant when it comes to their office design by incorporating quirky elements to their workplace.

T is for teamwork –

Not only is teamwork viewed as important – according to ClearCompany, around three-quarters of employers rate teamwork and collaboration as “very important” – it can have plenty of positive effects on your company. Encourage teamwork by providing your employees with collaborative spaces – and don’t forget about virtual collaboration.

U is for understanding employee needs –

Workers are after an increased work/life balance and are more focused on their health – mental and physical. Whether it’s allowing flexible working, providing staff with standing desks or making sure they have somewhere to store their bikes, there are plenty of ways you can show employees you take their needs into account.

V is for volunteering –

Implementing a volunteering scheme or encouraging staff to volunteer may seem counter-productive to your business, but it could actually help you attract and retain talent. A PwC survey revealed that 65% of workers from across the globe expressed a desire to work for an organisation with a strong social conscience.

W is for wellbeing –

A recent survey by Happiness Works conducted on behalf of Robert Half UK found that almost half of UK employers are introducing wellbeing schemes. Focusing on the wellbeing of employees drives employee satisfaction, morale and performance.

X is for X-rated –

Some things should be left outside the office. Whether it’s discussing drunken mishaps from the weekend or not thinking about the search term you’re using, we’ve all been left red-faced at some point or another. Even if your office is super relaxed, you might want to save some topics for your lunch break.

Y is for yoga –

You don’t need to have a gym to encourage your staff to take a break from their screens and partake in some exercise. Why not ask if they’d like yoga classes set up in the meeting room over lunch?

Z is for Generation Z –

Some of the biggest influencers of office culture are the employees themselves. In a few years’ time, Generation Z – those born after millennials – will make up a large proportion of the UK’s workforce. Having grown up in a digital world, this is sure to influence what they expect from their office.

If you would like help improving any of the points discussed in your office please get in touch…

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