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When is a chair not just a chair ?

Working environments in the modern age inevitably lead to long periods using keyboards and monitors and if you have been reading our blog it is accepted wisdom that good posture and working practices create a healthy, creative and equally important, productive working environment

Modern backcare and task seating is designed to offer a great deal more adjustability and support than chairs from just a few years in the past.

We carefully select chairs for a variety of environments and users and offer a trial system allowing you and your colleagues a ‘road test’ to help ascertain the best available seating for the given requirements.

Have a look at the video on this page to give you a taste of how modern seating can help improve your posture.

Video: Are you sitting comfortably..

How does our trial system work

  • Fill out our form on this page

    Based on the outcome and your requirements our expert specifier will create a chair shortlist to meet your criteria. If you would prefer to speak to someone call us on 01793 611900

  • Trial Chair Delivery

    Next we bring your choices to you and your team to trial for 2 weeks, this also includes us giving a full demonstration on the chairs, their full features and how to set each of them up correctly for you.

  • Report & Recommendations

    During this period our simple Chair Trial Assessment forms will allow you to establish which chairs proved the most suitable for you and your team, allowing you to make the right choices.

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